Anthony Roman

For more on Anthony, visit  his

For more on Anthony, visit his

Anthony Roman was a member of post hardcore band Garden Variety (Lookout Records) until forming NYC dance-punk band Radio 4 (DFA/Astralwerks) as lead singer/songwriter. He currently is the music supervisor on FX’s Sex & Drugs & Rock&‘Roll, NPR’s This American Life, IFC’s Maron and Benders (for which he is also the composer) and films such as Sleepwalk with MeDon’t Think I’ve Forgotten: Cambodia’s Lost Rock & Roll and Sophie and The Rising Sun.


Phil Mossman

For more on Phil, visit   his IMDB page

For more on Phil, visit his IMDB page

Phil began his career as a member of Andrew Weatherall's electronic visionaries The Sabres of Paradise. He was later recruited by Belfast's David Holmes to collaborate on various remixes and to help on Stephen Soderbergh's 1998 classic "Out Of Sight."

At the turn of the millenium, Phil found himself in New York working on two highly influential records, David Holmes,' "Bow Down To The Exit Sign," and Primal Scream's, "XTRMNTR". in 2001, James Murphy invited him to join the newly minted outfit, LCD Soundsystem. After six years with LCD, Phil made the tough decision to quit touring - save for the occasional cameo like in the Documentary "Shut Up and Play the Hits".

A prolific film composer, Phil has scored thirteen full-length features, including a slew of Sundance hits such as Mike Cahill's "Another Earth", "I Origins", Jim Mickel's "We Are What We Are", Jon Watts' "Cop Car," starring Kevin Bacon, Michael Thelin's "Emelie," and most recently the Netflix Original, “Mercy."


Tongues Out

For more on Brett, check out  IMDB

For more on Brett, check out IMDB

Founded in 2012 by Brett Fitzgerald and Mohammed Noorali as a specialized finance company that focuses on lending to film projects by applying securitization finance terms. Brett and Mohammed have spent a combined 35 years in finance with a specific emphasis on advanced structuring of esoterics assets. Applying this methodology allows Tongues Out to provide innovative and efficient financing options with regards to tax credits, pre sale, development, book rights, production, and post sale financing.